We provide professional translations from and into German, English and Spanish in the required format (text file, pdf, PowerPoint, etc.).

Language combinations

English > German Spanish > German English > Spanish
German > English German > Spanish Spanish > English

Areas of specialization

Information Technology (IT)

Product descriptions, manuals, marketing material, hardware, software, license agreements

Patent Law

Patent specifications, patent claims, official letters, official minutes, decisions, nullity actions, patent litigation matters, license agreements, utility models and trademark matters


Product descriptions, briefings, marketing collaterals, brochures, flyers, websites, etc.

Law & Business

Contracts and agreements of all kinds, decisions and judgments (AE & BE), depositions, last wills, legal documents, general terms and conditions, specifications, commercial correspondence etc.

Engineering & Technology

Operating instructions, manuals, product descriptions, patents, specialized articles, technical writings

Medicine & Healthcare

Medical equipment, medical reports, product descriptions

Food & Beverages, Tourism, Hotels & Restaurants

Menus, advertising brochures, promotional material, websites, etc.

Certificates, Diplomas, Deeds & Documents

All types of vital records, including birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, report cards, apostilles, letters of recommendation, etc.

We are authorized to certify our translations.