Quality Assurance

It is our top priority to provide you with a good translation. In addition to the skill set of any professional translator– qualification, competence, diligence, customer orientation and on-time delivery – quality assurance processes ensure optimum results. Moreover, we adhere to the DIN EN 15038 quality standard for translation services (“cross-checking” principle). Your translations will be revised by a fellow qualified translator or a subject specialist. We closely cooperate with our clients! This involves using your corporate terminology, providing you with customized glossaries and thus ensuring consistency for the translation. We also use CAT tools, if required. Translation is not a commodity. You will want to consider some important criteria to obtain optimum quality for your translation.

The following top ten list will serve as a guideline.

Top Ten „Translation Quality“

  1. The target group of the translation (Who will read the text?)
  2. Purpose and function of the text (What are you aiming at?)
  3. Deadline (When do you need the text at the latest?)
  4. Rates
  5. Subject matter and text type
  6. Source and target language, regional variations
  7. Format (In which format will you send the text?)
  8. Scope (How many words, lines, characters, etc.?)
  9. Legal requirements (e.g. certification)
  10. Value-added services (e.g. glossaries, diagrams, etc.)